Guitar Microphone Reviews And Buying Tips

If you are a guitarist then you already know the benefit of having perfect sound. A wrong note can ruin an entire passage of music, so when you play a song perfectly, you want the audio to reflect that.

Unfortunately some microphones are not the best in quality, and will not be designed to pick up acoustic sounds. As such, a guitar microphone can be extremely beneficial. The best guitar microphone will be specifically designed to pick up the sounds that you want, and will have far less of background extraneous noise which serves no purpose other than to ruin the audio.

Features of the best guitar microphone will include the fact that it is designed to enhance guitar sounds and nothing else. It should have a very accurate response and should be able to pick up even the quietest of sounds, for when playing acoustically.

The best acoustic guitar microphone will also definitely prioritize quieter sounds – any guitarist knows that the two sounds (electric and acoustic) are incredibly different, so it can pay to look out for the best acoustic guitar microphone if that is what you want to record. A classical guitar microphone can also be well worth looking into if you only play classical guitar.

Audix is a very good brand for this kind of microphone, simply because they always prioritize quality. They have a lot of experience in creating these kinds of mics, so you can always be sure that they will provide you with the best audio recording possible when it comes to making your final recording. Piezo is also a good brand to look into, simply because they make some very nice and affordable clip-on microphones for use in general applications.

Below are some reviews of the best guitar microphones around to give you an idea as to what to look for and expect:

2017 Best Rated Guitar Microphones
#1Audix OM-7

Full Review

#2Shure SM57

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#3Sennheiser e906

The Sennheiser e906 is a great guitar microphone that you can use again and again. It will take the guitar sound and amplify it perfectly, producing a really good sound as either a live performance or a recording, whatever you are better suited to.

Key Features

  • Fairly portable and easy to use
  • Affordable for what it is
  • Goes great alongside any other microphone of similar stature

Reviewers are incredibly positive of the e906 simply because it makes for a great investment for anyone serious about their music, and will really pay off huge dividends in the future.

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