Shotgun Microphone Reviews And Buying Tips

There are many types of microphones available, but what is a shotgun microphone? Simply put, a shotgun microphone is used with a camcorder for filming. It is similar to the shape of a shotgun, hence the name, and is specifically designed to pick up audio for filming, without getting in the way of the shot.

The best shotgun microphone will be able to pick up sound both near and far, depending on what the director wants in the shot. The best shotgun microphone will also be discreet so that it does not get in the way of the actual film.

Our shotgun microphone comparison shows a lot of different features based on different mics available. The best shotgun microphones out there will, as said, be discreet and pick up only the sound needed, but there are many other features too look for as well.

There are different types of shotgun mics and they all come in different shapes and sizes. Shotgun microphone reviews will differ as to which are the ‘best’ types available, so it is up to you to make your decision based on several shotgun microphone reviews, not just one.

Rode, Audio-Technica and Azden are all incredibly good brands for these types of microphones, being well known for their overall high quality in production and value. They are also incredibly affordable – some shotgun microphones can be in the thousands, whereas a Rode mic will likely cost only a few hundred dollars, while still providing really good audio quality.

This makes them incredibly well-suited to filming in general, since they will provide the best possible audio available for the shot, so that any film you shoot will be the best and will make the most of the conditions you have when shooting the film.

As for individual mics to look into, see below:

2014 Best Shotgun Microphone...

Overall (Any Price)
#1 MKH416-P48U3

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#2 Rode NTG3

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Under $250

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#2 Rode VideoMic Pro

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Under $100
#1 Neewer 14.37 inch

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#2 Audio-Technica ATR-6550

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2012/2013 Rankings
#1Rode VideoMic Pro

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#2Azden Barrell Shotgun Mic

The Azden Barrell Shotgun Mic is an example of an incredibly good shotgun mic. Noise is absolutely minimal, and it can be adjusted to pick up the sound that you want on the film, near or far.

  • Switchable low cut filter
  • XLR outputs
  • Low noise and small length

Reviews agree this mic is good as it is so portable and well-designed for shooting, making it ideal for its purpose, especially with a price tag of only $200.

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#3Audio-Technica AT897

The Audio-Technica AT897 is another really good example of a shotgun mic. The price is good for what it is and so is the quality, so you do not have to break the bank to go out and film professionally. Reviewers agree that this mic is brilliant – although it could be cheaper it really does deliver on quality, making it ideal for professional applications.

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